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custom web design

08/06/2021 is now live!

P. ALYSANDRATOS & Co has been active for almost 50 years in the production of shoe soles for men and women. Now you can visit their […]
02/06/2021 is now live!

We say goodbye to May with a project that exudes high aesthetics and summer mood. Our beloved partner, Design Pergola, a family business with 20 years […]
01/03/2021 is now live!

The Warehouse Optical Papakosta, which has recently introduced to the market two new brands, “DILOS” and “THE CROSS”, decided to trust Generation Y for the custom […]

Ioakimidis Textiles brand new corporate site is now live!

As an industry leader in women’s fabrics, supplying the manufacturers with the largest variety of top quality and high aesthetic fabrics, Ioakimidis Textiles needed a strong […]