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After the opening of 16 physical stores all over Cyprus, the famous and largest retailer in sport apparel in Cyprus, Famous Sports trusted the eCommerce specialists, Generation Y, to develop the 17th and online shop of the chain.

Ability for quick and combinatorial buys, total look, browsing per need, per brand, per sport, relevant landing pages, blogging with featured products per article, opportunity for comment and evaluation of each product by users, along with the possibility of upload video or photo are just some of the commercial tools created to make the most of the dynamic of the e-shop.

Geolocation with different product mix combined with the ability of pricing per country, checkout in just 3 steps, showing monthly turnover and number of orders are some of the functional benefits of Generation Next Management Platform (CMS) which has been implemented to the online store.

AMP's collaboration with Generation Y has expanded as the latter has completely taken the advertising and the online promotion of famousports.com.

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