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Generation Y: COVID-19 Spread prevention measures

Published at 13-03-2020

With full awareness and responsibility towards our employees and society, Generation Y is undertaking specific measures, amid the spread of COVID-19.

Effective immediately and in order to minimize daily physical contact as much as possible, the company announced today that all meetings with its partners, will be conducted through teleconference alone.

In addition, we are implementing a Work from Home Policy, for all our employees.

Αt the same time, the company adheres strictly to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on meetings, and follows instructions of the Greek Government and the National Public Health Organization while constantly staying updated on the current situation. We have proceeded to thorough daily cleansing of our premises and have been offering liquid hand sanitizer for our staff and visitors for the past three weeks.

Recognizing that we all have an equal share of responsibility for public health, Generation Y is actively and responsibly involved in the effort to keep the threat from spreading. We hope that other individuals, businesses and government agencies will do the same.

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