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Generation Y’s Marketing Consultant Chrysa Faki “played” with the audience at the Digital Expo 2019!

Published at 01-10-2019

Generation Y - International eBusiness Experts’ Marketing Consultant, Chrysa Faki, was a speaker at the Digital Expo 2019, which took place at the Exhibition Center of Periteri on 28 & 29 of September.

Mrs. Fakis’ speech on Sunday, was titled “Digital Transformation: From The Inside Out”, in which the main presented idea is that in the business world in all its aspects (business, customers, employees) depends on digital transfomation for its improvement, both in personal and in corporate level.

In this context, she analyzed the ways in which a certain mentality of continual growth and development in Developed Countries, which are driven by technological developments, leads to success for companies, their employees and their customers.

Simulating the stages of each digital agency with the levels of a video game, she drew attention of how the value of the company is being received through the continuous training / education and expertise of its employees, which is linked with its customers and consumers.

During the Digital Expo; workshops, competitions, gaming tournaments and many more interesting speeches and seminars took place, which captivated the audience in the crowded exhibition center.

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