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Generation Y at the upcoming Forum of YDC

Published at 20-09-2019

Consciously supporting all the initiatives that place the business world in a constructive dialogue, Generation Y – International eBusiness Experts will be present at the upcoming Forum of Your Directors Club, a premium community of C-level executives, wishing to leave an indelible mark to society!

In this notable event, titled “Future Ready: Intelligent Technology Meeting Human Ingenuity” and taking place on the 26th of September at Grand Hyatt Athens hotel, our Deputy CEO Michalis Liapis, our Chief Commercial Officer Nana Ioakimidou and our Chief Production Officer Evi Boukorou, will all be present.

Representatives of companies that take action in sectors such as Technology, Management Consulting, Technology Strategy Managing and Human Resources, are about to share their knowledge and experience with the public, presenting new technological trends, focusing on the importance of agility in business, and presenting the DNA of the future leader. In her opening speech, the Founder & CEO of YDC, Mrs. Geiorgia Kartsanis, will inform the audience on YDC’s news. At the end of the speeches, a Q&A will offer the chance of participation to all attendants.

As co-founder of the YDC, Generation Y, a leading power in digital transformation & e-commerce, not only proves that it owns a connecting thread between “smart” technology and human ingenuity, but it also participates actively in its unfolding, defining the future of an interdependent connection.

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