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Generation Y’s new offices in Thessaloniki

Published at 18-09-2019

The announcement was made at the “2nd Conference of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability” by Global Sustain.

Global Sustain’s “2nd Conference of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability” was undoubtedly marked by the presence of Generation Y – International eBusiness Experts. The renowed firm for its great success stories, in both digital transformation & e-commerce, impressed the conference’s attendees not only by its exuberant and instructive presentation, but also with the announcement of the company’s new offices in Thessaloniki.

At the large-scale event, which took place on Friday 6th of September in Thessaloniki, at the Piraeus Bank Conference Center, the enlightening speech of Chief Commercial Officer’s (CCO) of Generation Y Nana Ioakimidou, titled “Digital Transformation and Sustainability”,  profoundly acclaimed the applause of the audience, unanimously receiving positive reviews. Presenting Best Practices and latest trends, with specific data and examples, Mrs. Ioakimidou connected the dots between every modern’s corporation legitimate need of Sustainability and how to veritable fulfil it.

Consistently expanding its network both at a physical and a digital level and by constructing the company’s new offices in Thessaloniki, Generation Y proves once more that the firm aims to remain the industry leader in its field, paving the way to a healthy and sustainable digital future.

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