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Our Team Leader of Performance Marketing, George Kioussis at the 2nd Google Marketing Conference

Published at 05-08-2019

Our Team Leader of Performance Marketing, George Kioussis totally ''rocked it'' at the 2nd Google Marketing Conference, which took place on July 3rd at Ote Academy. Interesting, witty and meaningful, George managed to "captivate" his audience with his speech ‘’Asking the right questions & looking into the right data’’, providing unique insights on performance marketing, revealing ways to avoid misleading data and at the same time using the right data to serve commercial goals, thus leading companies and brands to great results!

His ability to accomplish projects with high difficulty index in a competitive market and his eye for the littlest details has offered him a unique set of experience and wisdom, thus his insights were essential to everyone!

You can watch the video of his speech here:

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