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Anastasios Spanidis in the Second Youth Summit of the Economist

Published at 01-04-2019

Anastasios Spanidis in the Second Youth Summit of the Economist

Which are the new trends shaping the future workplace? Our CEO Anastasios Spanidis provided a thorough and comprehensive answer on the Second Youth Summit of The Economist Events for Greece, Cyprus, Malta, and southeast Europe, that took place on March 28th, 2019 at Grand Hyatt Athens.

Entitled “THE FUTURE WORKPLACE: THE NEW JOBS – THE NEW SKILLS, The youth takes over”, this exclusive event gave Mr. Spanidis the chance to express his views and variety of skillset, based on 19 years of personal experience and deep expertise in the digital sphere. Our CEO shared his thoughts among other prominent speakers, focusing on the brand-new challenges and the opportunities of an evolving and transformative business reality.

Mr. Spanidis’ speech focused on Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the groundbreaking chain of events that are following, giving a few examples on how computers, big data, AI and robotics can work closely together, thus bringing great results.

He later referred to the importance of witnessing the shape of changes to come right on time, so to predict exactly where you should invest in order to use them for your interests. According to Mr. Spanidis, in order to properly adapt to changes, we must always "read" the environment around us. He stated that empathy is a big factor in achieving that since working hard with ourselves and with others is now gaining more value than ever due to the rapid technological changes.

Finally, he added that by failing you only can learn and become better, and Greece’s biggest problem isn’t the lack of meritocracy, but the envy of the mediocre towards the successful ones.

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