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Generation Y’s CEO Anastasios Spanidis at the official launch event of Your Directors Club

Published at 01-04-2019

With a warm reception from a business core that has already started to take shape and the hopes of helping build a new business reality for Greece, Your Directors Club held its launch event on March 20 at SPACES.

As a Founding Member and future business coach in the YDC’s upcoming sessions, Generation Y’s CEO Anastasios Spanidis was present at the occasion, providing an inspiring welcome speech. In an exclusive event covered by Tier One Media, with some of the world’s top CEOs and their Senior Directors present, Mr. Spanidis talked about the mission, the vision and the values of YDC, which is running under the auspices of CEO Clubs Greece.

YDC (Your Directors Club) is a premium and exclusive community of C-level executives and early entrepreneurs, united by the urge to leave an indelible mark in society. Established by Georgia Karakatsanis in January 2019, it is supported by a team of senior executives and business leaders who are also its Founding Members. Τhis team is composed by Katerina Manou, VP Sales, Middle East, Greece, Bulgaria & Cyprus of SPACES, Georgios Karras, President and CEO of Fovera Prostasia, Dimitris Michopoulos, CEO of Weber Shandwick and Anastasios Spanidis, CEO of Generation Y Group of Companies.

The mission of YDC is to support young entrepreneurs in managing themselves when faced with challenges, leading their success in an ever-changing environment and helping them to leave an indelible mark in society.

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