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In matters of the heart… we always come first!

Published at 19-03-2019

Having built a strong reputation in the health sector, with a high level of expertise and multiple innovations leading to top results, Generation Y designed and implemented the website of Pediatric Cardiologist and Cardiologist of congenital heart defects, Dr. Afroditi Tzifa! is now LIVE, containing all the commercial tools and automations that guarantee a perfect user experience and promote the doctor's various medical services. With a fully responsive design providing easy access to all content, as well as a specific section of valuable tips to heart patients, the new website is a must for anyone seeking advice, diagnosis or treatment. As a result, during the first weeks following its launching, has brought an impressive rise in traffic, leading to more appointments & higher revenue for our partner. Once again, Generation Y proves that its custom approach & deep expertise can bring direct results, leading an already successful business partner to even greater heights of prosperity.


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