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Targeting, emotional impact and personalization create a new reality in advertising"

Published at 05-03-2019

With an impressive speech displaying deep knowledge and a vision towards the changes taking place in the advertising sector, the CEO of Generation Y – International eBusiness Experts, Anastasios Spanidis participated in Delphi Economic Forum IV (28/2-3/3, Delphi), receiving a warm round of applause!


In the section titled “Trends Driving the Future of Retail”, bringing together some of Greece’s top business leaders, Mr. Spanidis talked about a new reality in the world of advertising and retail, underlining that targeting, emotional impact, and personalization are setting a new ground. As he noted: “Traditional advertising is dead, having being replaced by targeted advertising, which focuses on how a specific message is reaching the right people, at the right time”.


Generation Y’s CEO continued with a reference to one more crucial change: “We can now see how the competitor’s advertisement is performing. Competition is now transparent […]. Even the most “sensitive” data are there for us to see, if we have the know-how”.


Leading a team that successfully undertook the live coverage of Delphi Economic Forum IV, keeping the #delphi_forum hashtag in the top positions throughout the 4-day event while also conducting primary market research, Mr. Spanidis continued a tradition of high-level speeches with another impressive presence. Besides its enlightening manner, his speech also explained the reasons why Generation Y remains at the frontline of the companies that shape the new digital reality.


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