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Published at 28-02-2019

A new successful live project by Generation Y- International eBusiness Experts!, is a state-of-the-art online supermarket, featuring an impressive range of products that can be uploaded on your website within 40 minutes!


Just by completing your home address, the store receives and delivers your order, resulting in significant time saving, without any waiting or inconvenience.


The innovative online store, created with custom UI / UX design by Generation Y, implements the most innovative tools and functions of Generation NEXT platform, adapting them to this specific business’ needs.


Generation Y’s know-how and deep knowledge οn the Fast-moving Consumer Goods Market (FMCG), creating opportunities and presenting creative ideas for companies wishing to inspire a new buyer’s mindset, is bound to make 362grocery an industry leader, placing it in the spotlight of a digital revolution that is just beginning to take shape.

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