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Generation Y’s CCO, Nana Ioakimidou, among the keynote speakers of the 11th E-commerce Conference 2019 in Cyprus!

Published at 21-02-2019

Generation Y- International eBusiness Experts’ CCO, Nana Ioakeimidou, will be among the prominent speakers of the 11th e-Commerce Conference in Cyprus with a speech -valuable tool for those entrepreneurs who wish to further grow their activities digitally.



The major international conference,  which will be held on February 27th, at the Hilton Park Hotel, in Nicosia, Cyprus, will present all the latest international trends and developments as well as some really successful online shops’ case studies, thus providing the best examples for all the attendants - representatives of the entrepreneurial world!



By outlining the new trends and challenges in e-commerce, Nana’s Ioakeimidou speech, "Watch Your Business Flourish," will focus on strategy, actions, and methods that someone can apply in order to see their business grow.


Including integrated insights and specialized practical advice for successful e-business as well as the most innovative tools to accelerate sales and commercial tactics, her speech is going to be a useful guide for anyone who wants to build or maintain a strong presence in the field of e-commerce, leading their business to success.



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