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Birth-Baptism List: A new innovative tool for Lapin House by Generation Y!

Published at 29-11-2018

After four years of successful collaboration between Generation Y - International eBusiness Experts and Lapin House – a pioneer in the field of children’s wear - the two companies decided to enrich the already successful webstore with a series of new personalized tools, in the context of upgrading and improving its services for the consumers.


By setting as its primary goal to facilitate Lapin House’s customers and increase their profitability, the expertised Generation Y team has created the innovative "Birth-Baptism List" tool, which actually transfers the traditional wedding list concept to a digital environment.


More specifically, the user of, by creating an account, is able to create a birth or baptism list of the gifts he/she would like to buy from the web store.


This list can be shared with anyone the user wishes to share it with and it is editable by everyone, as the products selected by the list owner are automatically removed and only the ones available for purchase remain in the list.

With this functionality, Generation Y has secured a unique innovation for Lapin House, which contributes to the increase of its clientele as well as to the improvement of its customer experience service.




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