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5 Reasons People Hate Your Website & Go to Your Competitors

Published at 06-09-2018

Are people landing on your business website or e-shop and leaving almost straight away? Wondering what is wrong with your site?

Here’s a smart list of common mistakes that make people leaving your website or e-shop.

1) It takes forever to load

Our shortening attention are not just making us check our phones several hundred times per day; they’ re also making us really impatient when it comes to waiting for websites to slowly load.

2) It isn’t optimized for mobile

When browsing the internet on a mobile phone, have you ever been forced to scroll from side-to-side to ready copy on a website? Or have you have to pinch-to-zoom because the words or buttons on a page were way to small? These are all examples of the painful UX people can have on websites that aren’t optimized for mobile.

3) It offers poor navigation

When someone lands on your site, do they know what to do? Where to go? What their steps should be?

Include clear headline copy, page copy that explains the value of what you do, and a clear primary call-to-action that shows visitors how to take the next steps.

4) It uses excessive popups

Excessive popups that disrupt the reading experience can be seriously annoying. You know, the ones that include a button that says something like, “No thanks, I don’t want to improve my web-site”.

5) It’s littered with generic or cheesy stock images

Bad stock photos are generic at best, and ridiculous at worst. Images are helpful if they clarify something for a visitor, and generic stock photography doesn’t help visitors or your business. It’s much better to show real pictures of customers, employees, your company, your product and your location.

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