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4 Video Best Practice Notes from Facebook

Published at 28-08-2018

Video is the top performing content type across all social platforms, which has led to putting increased emphasis on video content.

Really, if you’re looking to maximize your Facebook performance, you need to be considering video content.

Here are some of key video tips to achieve your goals:

1. Create Habitual and Loyal Followers

The more people come back to watch your content - whether it be week-after-week or episode-to-episode in a catch-up session - the better the distribution of your content is likely to be. Facebook considers how frequently viewers return to watch your content and how many you retain on a weekly basis.

Consistency has always been key for creators – the best YouTubers upload on a set schedule, so their fans know when to expect new content.

It’s not possible for everyone to create a regular video schedule, but it is worth considering when you upload, and working to maintain a regular, repeatable process to help fans tune in and boost your reach as a result.

2. Respond to comments and questions

Spending a few minutes to respond to comments and questions can turn a casual viewer into a loyal fan.

This goes for all Facebook content, but as Facebook notes, it can be particularly helpful to inspire repeat viewership, and boost your fan and community base.

3. Share the link to your content on all your social channels

If you want to ensure maximum reach and response, you should also be looking to tap into all other distribution avenues to draw viewers across.

E-mail lists, tweets, LinkedIn groups – wherever you have a presence, it’s worth noting that you’re broadcasting regularly on Facebook, and providing links so fans can tune in.

4. Be Aware of Facebook’s Guidelines

Another key consideration here is Facebook’s guidelines around authentic interactions and behaviours.

Remember to promote authentic engagement and meaningful interactions in a way that is consistent with Facebook Integrity Guidelines. As such, you should seek to grow and engage with your followers while avoiding engagement baiting.

And to avoid it you should avoid asking viewers to respond in specific ways - Specifically instructing viewers to “like”, “tag”, or “share” may result in your content being flagged for engagement baiting.

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