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SenTraGor ™: Launch for the new laboratory product of Arriani Pharmaceuticals SA via an online store powered by Generation Y

Published at 23-07-2018

Arriani Pharmaceuticals S.A. launched the licensed laboratory product SenTraGor ™, through the online store designed and implemented by Generation Y - International eBusiness Experts. The online store is part of the overall collaboration between the two companies.

SenTraGor™ is an innovative reagent for the detection of senescence and allows the detection of it in any biological material.

Arriani Pharmaceuticals through the online store inform the global scientific community, specialized cytology laboratories and research centers about the SenTraGor ™ and allow them to choose between the three different packages available (80mg, 40mg, 20mg). was built on the latest version of the award-winning Generation NEXT e-commerce platform and features a host of commercial and technological tools with the primary focus on Arriani Pharmaceuticals SA's need to sell this product in large research laboratories abroad.

The online store is not just an efficient commercial tool to promote SenTraGor ™, but also a platform for knowledge sharing and networking among researchers, cytologists and specialized biologists of the global scientific community.

The special section with informative material, articles and opinions on both the formulation itself and important issues about the industry, as well as the "Ask the Experts" section are useful tools for sharing the scientific knowledge worldwide.

Moreover, the "Share Your Case" platform allows scientists to network, exchange opinions and show results from the use of SenTraGor ™ in laboratory tests so that knowledge of combating aging to be shared.

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