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Multi-site feature by Generation NEXT

Published at 16-07-2018

Increasing the profitability of a business, physically and / or electronically, is based on two main pillars: The highest possible increase in revenue and the reduction of its operating costs.

Particularly, when a business is already active or wishes to start operating abroad, the reduction of operational costs and the facilitation of more general trade strategies are key priorities.

This need for safe, efficient and sustainable export activity can be accommodated, through the award-winning e-commerce platform, Generation NEXT. The platform, a result of creation and constant optimization through the company's 18 years of experience, offers innovative functions facilitating business strategies. Through this, a business can now massively and in a controlled way, from a single management environment, export any brands they want, centralized and with low operating costs. Thus, it is possible to open an e-shop in foreign countries directly, free of charge with just one click!

The multi-site feature function, being a breakthrough and one of the key features of the platform, facilitates the management of multiple online stores / domains from the same management environment. It addresses a wide range of management needs, whether it is for a company that has multiple sites and multiple domains [e.g. (B2C), (B2B), (Corporate), (B2C for the United Kingdom in particular), or for a company that has one domain (e.g. but multiple sites (e.g. and

Thanks to the multi-site feature:

Each site may have its own settings (names, languages, currencies, emails, back-office user rights, logo, checkout policies, product and stock display policies).

The site that will be managed by the operator each time changes at the touch of a button by selecting it through a drop-down menu.

  • Products and categories are same entities in the system, but putting price on each product determines the sites on which this product will appear.
  • In the case of corporate sites, all their content (articles, categories, static pages, dynamic forms etc.), although it has centralized management, remains separate depending on each site.
  • Data entry of products (codes, variants, photos, etc.) is done only once, saving time and money to the manager.

The commercial advantages Generation NEXT's specific tool offers to a company relate both to increased profitability in the domestic online market and to expansion abroad.

An entrepreneur who wants to try the global market and have an export activity can get a complete picture and provide a wide range of services and products, enhancing their corporate identity globally (with a corporate site in an country abroad with an online retail store, even with a B2B platform), thus multiplying the domain's acquisition value.

Thanks to the multi-site feature, the company can shape pricing policy, marketing policy, and general marketing strategies for any sites it has abroad (even in different countries).

Thus, with the automations and innovations provided by Generation Y, a dynamic export activity becomes fully feasible for any company that desires it.

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