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Pregnancy Probability: Get an accurate estimation on how probable it is to become pregnant through the new mobile application created by Generation Y

Published at 05-06-2018

Because of Greece's favorable legislative environment for medical assisted reproduction and the natural climate of the country that contributes to the process of pregnancy, Medimall IVF Clinic launched the Pregnancy Probability mobile application created by Generation Y - International eBusiness Experts to attract couples from foreign countries seeking assisted reproduction services which they do not have access to their own country.

By downloading the application that is compatible with all mobile and tablet devices, interested women and Healthcare professionals, following minimal steps, can have an accurate estimation and answers to their doubts on how probable a pregnancy is.

The application is simple to use just by entering the birth to get pregnancy probability percentages. Women can also enter their AMH (Anti Mullerian Hormone) result for more precise, accurate and personalized percentages.

Generation Y's Technology and Production team, utilizing the special medical algorithm developed by Medimall IVF Clinic's gynecologist team, has visualized it in a mobile friendly application with user interface design.

Through the application Medimall IVF Clinic achieves:

- Brand awareness

- Services awareness

-  Appointment increase by interested couples

- Interest increase from users from foreign countries

Pregnancy Probability is available in all countries in Europe, the US and Russia.

The creation and launch of the mobile application is the first step in a broader collaboration between Generation Y and Medimall IVF Clinic that aims to showcase the clinic and the services it provides through the digital channel.

Download the app here

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