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Opportunities and challenges of the events industry during digital transformation era

Published at 21-05-2018

With the impact of digital transformation and the changes that the digital era has brought to all business sectors, the need for guidance to success is more evident than ever before.

The achievement of this kind of success in the events industry through practical advice and presentation of tools was the main topic of Generation Y’s CEO’S speech at Events Expo 2018.

Generation Y - International eBusiness Experts as a supporter of the first event's expo held at the 19th and 20th of May 2018 at the Peace & Friendship Stadium by Action Esti participated actively in shaping new trends and thoughts in the events industry.

During the exhibition, on Sunday, May 20, Mr. Spanidis presented a speech about how affects: "Digital Transformation in the Events Industry".

Opportunities, trends, new features, as well as practical advice and methods of industry dominance during the new digital era, are some of the key elements of Mr. Spanidis’ presentation.

Both himself and the Generation Y’s representatives who accompanied him had the opportunity to discuss and exchange useful ideas with entrepreneurs, representatives of the events industry, artists and business executives throughout the exhibition.

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