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VIDEO TEDxChania: "Values I earned while building a multinational company from point zero!": An inspiring speech by Generation Y's CEO

Published at 02-05-2018

A speech about the success, a speech about the hard work, the difficulties, the international presence, the values and the abilities needed by a businessman to stand out in his field, an inspirational speech by Anastasios Spanidis, at this year's TEDxChania event entitled "MITOS: Ravelling myths".

Co-founder and CEO of Generation Y - International eBusiness Experts performed on the stage of TEDxChania and talked about his personal life and professional achievements to an audience of prominent personalities and representatives of political, artistic and business life.

Anastasios Spanidis during the event had the opportunity to discuss with prominent personalities, political figures, market executives and representatives of the artistic life of the country.

See the entire video of his inspiring speech here!

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