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Generation Y undertook, designed and developed the full renovation of Pharmacy295’s online presence.

Published at 26-03-2018

The leading brand in the online pharmacy market,, continuing its successful collaboration with Generation Y - International e-Business Experts, commissioned the company to fully redesign its online presence.

Based on the Primary Market Research data that created specific personas with user-specific behavioral and purchasing characteristics, the Design team of the company built the architectural structure of the new online pharmacy identity. Generation Y developed new features and tools by using Generation NEXT custom e-commerce platform to create an online environment offering a pleasant and fast buying experience to the customers.

The "info button" innovation contains the most used information and allows direct customer access to the contact details, to the Pharmacy295’s purchase reward program, but also to the payment methods, refunds, etc.

Redesigned option for quick purchase. The user can now complete the purchase without having to enter the product description. This simplifies the process and leads the consumer quickly and easily to the final purchase.

The updated has new landing pages in each category with an innovative design so that the consumer can easily find the content they want every time.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the creation of commercial sections, which also emerged from the findings of market research, such as Mommy's Corner, Beauty Corner or Smart Slimming, which gives consumers immediate access to specific products of interest, achieving a high level of customer’s satisfaction and more sales for the online company.

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