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Generation Y guarantees the credibility and the security of its clientele’s compliant with EU General Data Protection Regulation

Published at 27-02-2018

Generation Y - International e-Business Experts, always providing cutting-edge technological and business services and utilizing optimal tactics for the benefit of its clientele, proceeded to compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation recently adopted by the European Parliament, which will come into force in May 2018.

For this process, Generation Y commissioned Space Hellas, a dynamic, established System Integrator, holding a leading position in the high technology arena, to implement the Security Protocol in a comprehensive way to provide the Ultimate Protection of Sensitive Data to its respected associates and their customers.

Generation Y, already demonstrating a high level of information management for years, complies with the new European Union Regulation, respecting the personal data of its clients and only aiming to serve its partners in an integrated, secure and reliable way!

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