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A speech that will inspire the audience by Anastasios Spanidis at TEDxChania

Published at 06-11-2017

The hard work, the difficulties, the success, the international presence, the values and the abilities in a new digital reality full of challenges are the elements that constitute the life of Anastasios Spanidis, Co-Founder and CEO of Generation Y - International e- Business Experts and the key points of his presentation in this year's TEDxChania event entitled "MITOS: Ravelling Myths".

With a more than 17 years professional experience in Greece and abroad and business activation in some of the most dynamic companies, he owns, Anastasios Spanidis, co-founder and CEO of Generation Y - International e-Business Experts, will be among the speakers who will have the opportunity to share with the audience his own personal journey in the era of the digital revolution through the business vision that distinguishes him.

On November 11th, at the Cultural Centre of Chania, he will be on stage to talk about ideas that are worthy of spreading, about how to build a multinational company from the beginning and what values he has acquired during this journey. He will talk about his own experiences that have led him to success!

Learn more about TEDxChania 2017 here:

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