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Receive Consultation The brand-new website of Grandair international forwarding company is now live

Published at 14-06-2017

The brand new innovative site of Grandair is now online. The new site is fully designed and developed by Generation Y - International eBusiness Experts, following the latest design and development trends.

Grandair is an international forwarding company, with more than 25 years experience and service. The new website came to play its role to all these expanding Grandair’s work cycle through digital environment. Generation Y’s team has undertaken the design and implementation of the company's website through a series of actions aimed at the usability, responsiveness and professional guidance in the new digital environment.

The renewed aims to offer better customer experience and improve the commercial value of company’s services. The main structure of the website, the menu, the use of tracking mechanisms and all elements are designed to take the user experience to the next level so everyone could find the information they want.

Once more Generation Y - International e-Business Experts delivers a fully professional project, with total response to our customer’s needs and vision.

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