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2 WebX Awards for Generation Y

Published at 17-02-2017

2 WebX Awards for Generation Y

Two (2) awards for Generation Y - International eBusiness Experts at the  WebX Awards 2017, which were held for the first time from the Boussias Communications company, with purpose to highlight the best participations at the Greek web, concerning campaign, brand and corporate site.

More specifically, Generation Y managed to win a silver award at the category of Design – Functionality – Technology: “Best use of video’’ for the video named “Human behind the brand” with which began the 9 month digital campaign «8 reasons to choose Glinavos» designed and executed by Generation Y for the brand “Estate Glinavos”.

The target of the general campaign and video was not only the promotion of brand’s USPs (long-term expertise and know-how, use of new technologies, modern facilities, honors and awards) but also its anthropocentric character. That is the reason why the whole concept was based on the owner of the estate, mr Lefteris Glinavos.

Key media channels chosen for the communication of the video were Youtube, Facebook and Web TV aiming in a 360ο communication with the best possible impact. The results were spectacular as into one month, Facebook’s fan base increased by 117%, website clicks were over than 20.000 and video views exceeded 1.500.000!

This distinction came to complete the bronze award at the Corporate Web (Web Sites Per Industry): “Food & Drink’’ category for Rainbow’s Waters new website.

Optimizing the technology, Generation Y built a website with rich content, modern design, “smart” browsing and useful tools for the visitor, fulfilling perfectly the strategic and commercial objectives of the corporate presence of Rainbow Waters.

…And all these with Responsive Design that is special for landscape/portrait covering 98% of devices placed in the Greek market.

Except for the responsive design, Generation Y designed and executed a lot of innovative custom tools which contribute to the best experience for the user, having as well commercial value.

Results were also spectacular because during one year of the new website operation, an increase in traffic by 44% and in unique visitors by 40% was spotted. Last but not least is that mobile visits increased by 131%!

Two more awards confirming the expertise, custom approach and successful course of Generation Y.

…To be continued…

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