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FREZYDERM Summer Contest by GENERATION Y was successfully completed

Published at 30-09-2015

With great success was completed the great summer contest of FREZYDERM named “FREZYDERM Summer Contest”, whose concept, design, implementation and digital marketing was fully undertaken by Generation Y International Interactive Agency.

In less than 40 days – that was the duration of the contest – the traffic of mini site that was constructed exclusively for this purpose by Generation Y International Interactive Agency, reached very soon very high numbers for just a competition mini site. During the same period the viral video which also the idea, script and filming was made by GENERATION Y International Interactive Agency, reached more than 42,000 views, enhancing the virality of the whole campaign.

The most impressive, however, was the fact that almost 1 out of 3 visitors was visiting directly the mini site of the competition, typing directly the url at the browser, in order to take part in the competition or invite friends.

The overall virality of the competition, which was a result of all digital marketing campaigns that were designed and implemented by GENERATION Y International Interactive Agency, lead to great results, exceeding the initially set goals, even if during the competition were applied capital controls. More specifically, besides the really large number of captured e-mails, the cost for each confirmed e-mail - which was the main goal of the campaign - was less than 0,15€!

For those who did not take part in the competition and do not know how it worked, we shall remember that participants could take part in FREZYDERM Summer Contest just by entering their e-mail at a mini site. Then each user after confirming its participation, could invite friends and the more friends were accepting his invitation, the more points this user was gathering, based on an innovative affiliate system that progressively was giving more points to users that had more confirmed friends.

From our side GENERATION Y International Interactive Agency wants to thank all participants of the competition and congratulate the 21 big winners, who managed to invite the most friends and collect the most points, winning wonderful gifts!

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