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Brand new website of by #teamGY

Published at 16-09-2015

The largest chain stores of alternative interior decoration, trusted on Generation Y the creation of its new e- commerce platform.

Through the brand new the users may browse throughout a wide variety of products, such as
• Stickers
• Canvas Prints
• Wallpapers
• Cushions
• Room Dividers

The refreshed, completely related to decoration and Design, has been designed according to the most contemporary demands of Web Design. The user environment is easy to use, based on the latest standards of UI (User Interface) Design, optimizing the quick and effortless browse for the users. Moreover, the level of the responsive design study guarantees the ultimate browsing experience for the user by reordering the tools throughout the different screen analysis.

On the administration panel, the products are supported by thousands of colour combinations, up to 4 colours per sticker, which give the users the opportunity to create their own custom made sticker. What is more, with the use of the “Test it on your wall” tool, the users may test custom colour combination stickers on the colour of their walls and select even the mirrored version of their stickers!

One more administration advantage is inserting products on the platform by cloning, an opportunity which halves the administration manhours furthermore. Apart from categorizing the products and the automated creation of product filters, the tags are used for searching the products by themes.

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