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GENERATION Y at Programmatic & Data Conference '15

Published at 29-05-2015

GENERATION Y International Interactive Agency continues its successful presence in digital marketing, by keeping itself fully informed about all new methods and techniques. Yesterday our Head of Marketing, Petros Gardiklis, took part in the Programmatic & Data Conference '15, which was held in OTE Academy.

The conference was a great success, attended by both experienced executives from abroad (such as IAB UK and Yahoo Northern Europe) and representatives of the domestic market (such as Yahoo Greece), who shared their best practices and conclusions from their experience in Programmatic Advertising.

Programmatic Advertising / Programmatic Buying is a modern method of online advertising, with which an advertiser can buy display positions either directly or through auction (Real Time Bidding). As for Real Time Bidding, anyone interested in a specific ad placement can bid for it and finally best bid wins. This way you can achieve lower cost and higher efficiency, while ads targeting is much better and specific than common display ads. Specifically, users that will see the ad are selected by an algorithm that takes into account the behavior of each user and seeks those who are more likely to interact with each specific ad. Programmatic Buying may not be very familiar to Greek advertisers, but is widely applied in England, Japan, USA and Germany. According to surveys, it is expected to reach 34% of all display ads in 2017.

Being market leader in Digital Marketing, GENERATION Y International Interactive Agency is among the first domestic Agencies that started using Programmatic Buying and now has numerous case studies of successful campaigns.

Get informed now about commercial benefits of Programmatic Buying. Call us for meeting and consultation at (+30) 210 93 13 200.

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