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Published at 30-06-2015

With more than 30 years of success in design and production of dermocosmetics, FREZYDERM continues to develop itself, by introducing the innovative FREZYDERM Summer Contest, a project that was undertaken by Generation Y International Interactive Agency.

Participants can take part in the Competition by filling in and confirming their e-mail through a mini site, which was developed for this specific purpose by GENERATION Y International Interactive Agency. Afterwards each time a participant imports an e-mail from a friend and he confirms it, participant gets more points, through an innovative affiliation system. Top 21 participants with most points will win great gifts and specifically 1 iPad, 10 Phillips mp3 and 21 sets of FREZYDERM sunscreen.

The interaction and success of this contest becomes even higher by a video, whose concept, script and filming was made by GENERATION Y International Interactive Agency. At this video take place four stories, with the main character of each trying to gain points, using fair and unfair ways! By watching the video you may also find a smart way to collect even more points and become one of the 21 big winners of FREZYDERM Summer Contest.

Take part in the contest from and invite friends to win great gifts!

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