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Generation Y presents!



Generation Y presents!

With a 40-year history as a physical pharmaceutical store and a driving ambition to become the next digital leader,

GY flies to Minneapolis for RailsConf!

Always present at world-class events in which the heart of new technology and innovation is beating

Generation Y’s CCO, Nana Ioakimidou, as a guest lecturer to MBA students of Alexander Technological Institute of Thessaloniki

Generation Y-International eBusiness Experts keeps spreading the knowledge

Generation Y’s CCO, Nana Ioakimidou, participated at the 7th Greek Exports Forum

Generation Y-International eBusiness Experts’ CCO Nana Ioakimidou participated, among other prominent speakers

Generation Y’s CEO, Anastasios Spanidis, among the judges of Shark Tank contest

The notorious Shark Tank contest from the US came to Greece and Generation Y-International eBusiness Experts’ Anastasios Spanidis

Generation Y is announcing a new partnership with SC Johnson

Generation Y-International eBusiness Experts is announcing a new partnership with SC Johnson,

Nana Ioakimidou and Theodora Chionou left a mark with their speech at the eCommerce Conference ‘19

Chief Commercial Officer of Generation Y-International eBusiness Experts Nana Ioakimidou and Box Pharmacy’s CEO Theodora Chionou

Generation Y’s CCO Nana Ioakimidou and Box Pharmacy’s Theodora Hionou will speak at the eCommerce Conference ‘19

Generation’s Y Chief Commercial Officer Nana Ioakimidou will take the center stage on MarketingWeek’s eCommerce Conference ’19

Generation Y’s CEO Anastasios Spanidis at the official launch event of Your Directors Club

With a warm reception from a business core that has already started to take shape and the hopes of helping build a new business reality for Greece
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